This Year we are going to be going through multiple series all under the theme of "Christ Centered". This theme will address a number of topics that will help middle school students know who they are in Christ, what it means to be a disciple of Jesus in today's world as well as what it means to love others as Jesus did. We are excited for what God has in store this year through this theme and through Extreme Middle School Ministry! 

him & her Overview

A New Relationship Series Starting

Wednesday Feb 7th

At Extreme



Here is an overview of what we will be covering in the next 6 weeks at Extreme. Listed below is a summary to inform you about what we will be discussing as well as help you dialogue with your child about each weeks topic. This is an opportunity to find out how your child is processing topics relating to relationships, dating, sexuality and marriage. If there is a week that you feel is to mature for your child you can choose to have them skip that week.We would still encourage you to begin these conversations with your child.

HIM & HER - Series Overview

We are living in a time when our students (your children) are surrounded by mixed messages around the topics of relationships, dating, marriage, sexual identity, etc. In the next six weeks we will be taking a look at these different topics through the lens of Scripture. I believe that God has designed the healthiest way of living in each of these topics and if we can learn to trust and discern that process, your kids will be able to discover Gods intended purpose as it relates to these topics. We work hard to create a safe environment that allows students to engage in dialogue in a respectful way. The Church is a place where we can talk about the things we experience in our lives.

Week One
 “Men & Women of God” (February 7th 2018 )

This week we will be talking about what it means to be men and women created in Gods image. This week is the foundation to our entire series. As we move forward we will keep referencing back to how God was intentional in creating and loving who we are. In this week we will be looking at the conflicting messages that can come from our culture and peers that claim to give value and purpose but always falls short of the value and promise of God. We are excited to talk about these important topics with a Biblical perspective to your kids.

Week Two
 “Sexual Identity” (February 14th 2018)

In week 2 of our Him & Her Series we will be discussing sexual identity specifically in three ways. We will address the topics of homosexuality, transgender & gender fluidity. With each of these topics we will dialogue about how each of these terms is understood currently in our culture and then discuss the Biblical perspective of each of these terms. The purpose of this night is to gain understanding about these terms while pointing students back to our identities being shaped by Jesus and referencing back to week one. Our purpose with this talk is to not alienate any student(s) but to create a safe environment where students can have a healthy and respectful dialogue about these topics.


Week Three
“Dating” (February 28th 2018)

There are SO MANY bad examples of what dating looks like in the world. I think it’s time that we start telling a different story because there are so many people who need better answers than the ones they see on TV or in popular culture. Dating relationships have a lot of potential to do great good, or harm in the mark they leave. So this week we are going to help students explore dating from the perspective of the one they date. We want to challenge students this week to think about their own responsibility, regardless of where they may have been in the past, to always consider what they can do in the future to make someone’s story better, and to treat them in a way that will be beneficial and positive in the long run.

  Week Four
 “Marriage” (March 7th 2018)

My goal for this week is that, as we talk about the topic of marriage, we can set aside some of our own prejudices and experiences as we look to what God’s Word has to say about it. And in light of that, I hope we can begin to develop a view of marriage that respects the beautiful design God intended for it, so that one day students might be able to step into that and experience everything God intends for them in it. The goal of this discussion is to inform students about healthy marriage but also to remember that marriage itself is not the goal. God has a design for marriage just as God has a design for singleness.

Week Five

“Sex” (March 14th 2018)

God has designed us to operate in a certain way. Sex was always a part of that beautiful design. There is nothing dirty or gross about that design. However, for sex to be the thing God designed it to be it has to happen within its proper context, which is marriage. A goal for this week is inform students about the potential pitfalls and lies the Enemy wants them to believe about sex, so that they can see the value in God’s design for sex. We understand that students approach this topic with varying experiences and we want to make sure every student knows the beauty of what God is calling us to as well as the amazing redemptive work God can do in anyone. Note for Parents - This tends to be the week where students ask more specific/descriptive questions about sex.

Week Six

“Panel” (March 21st 2018)

In our last week of this series we will be using a panel of high school and adult leaders to answer questions that the students have been asking throughout this series. We will spend some time together as a large group with both girls and guys followed by a time focused on individual genders. Guys will head to another space to talk about issues or questions related to guys and the same with the girls. These discussions are focused on giving Biblical answers to the questions the students have while addressing all the different topics that come up during this time.

Thank you for your time and prayers as we pursue this important topic from the lens and authority of the Bible. If you have any questions about this upcoming series please feel free to contact me or 253.853.0217.