Extreme is our middle school ministry at Chapel Hill Church. We have lots of programs, events, and ministries to help parents partner with us to love students. Our win is to see students invite their friends to Life Groups that happens Wednesday Nights during the school year. Check out this website for more information about whats happening with Extreme. 

What is extreme?

Middle school is a time when students are trying to figure out who they are and are searching for purpose in life. It's a time packed with new choices, changes and challenges for middle school students - all of which can leave them feeling overwhelmed and full of questions. We all need hope, joy, love, identity and purpose. We believe that these things can only truly be found when we have a relationship with Jesus.

Our desire is to connect every student to Christ and His community for a lifetime. At Extreme, we strive to meet middle school students right where they are and encourage them to grow in their relationship with Jesus, wrestling with their questions about what God has to say about life and how it is best lived. We take the time to dig into the Bible, worship, serve those in need, connect in Life groups, play, and have fun together. We want students to know the God who made them and the immense hope and joy that the Gospel has to offer. Come and join us!