APRIL 13-15, 2018

$80 by jan 31

$100 feb 1-APR 11

Dear Parents,

I would like to share with you about our Middle School ministry retreat happening April 13th-15th called Disciple Now. D’NOW is an annual event aimed at reaching the middle school students of the Gig Harbor community with the truth of the Gospel.  With so many things of this world competing for our students’ allegiance that they owe only to God, we need to do everything we can to equip them with the truth of God’s love and power for them.  Think of Disciple Now as a youth conference.  It begins on a Friday evening, continues all-day Saturday, and concludes Sunday morning. It consists of 4 main sessions aimed at reaching the students as a whole, and 2-3 breakout sessions Saturday morning and afternoon aimed at reaching them as individuals.  Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday morning are all at our very own Chapel Hill Church. Each night, the students will retreat to a host home alongside their sponsor(s) to reflect on what the Lord is doing and to sleep.

This year’s theme is “BEYOND”. The total cost of this incredible event is only $80 for early registration and $100 after that. Our aim for this weekend is to allow the Holy Spirit to work on the hearts of every student who attends and to communicate the message of value and belonging every person has in Christ. 

D’NOW is a huge event and thus we need the help and support from the whole church.  This event cannot and will not happen if we don’t get support from our church family.  Please consider serving at this year’s Disciple Now.  Here’s a list of ways that your family can bless this event and the students who attend…


  1. Host Home – (Our Biggest Need) you open up your home Friday and Saturday evening to a group of 6-12 students and their adult sponsor(s) for a place to sleep and recap the day.  All you need is floor space for the kids and sponsor(s) to set up sleeping bags & an accessible bathroom. 
  2. Sponsor – Maybe the Lord is calling you to spend the entire weekend with a group of students, this is the volunteer opportunity for you to invest in our youth. To be a sponsor you will need to submit the proper paperwork and meet with the youth director. Email rpalmer@chapelhillpc.org
  3. Prayer – This is a very powerful weekend affecting the lives of our students. This year we are hoping to reach as many students as possible to attend this event & your prayers will be a big part of accomplishing that.
  4. Scholarship – Some students will need support to cover the $80-$100 for the weekend; scholarships are a great way to help students be a part of an amazing weekend where they can encounter Jesus.  The majority of youth make commitments during events like this, so know your generosity has an eternal impact.
  5.  Drivers – Each year we are in need of additional drivers to help transport students from church to their host homes as well as from their host homes to the church. If you are available, one of the mornings or evenings to be a driver please let us know.  


2017/18 Medical Release Form

This year our registration will be done completely online. Please follow the link below to register for DNOW 2018


"The best is yet to come"
Director of Student Ministries

- Ryan Palmer